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Name: Conrad Graves

Alias: Ghost Gunner


While the subject has provided various appearances throughout the city, collecting data on him is difficult. His unique ability to become incorporeal makes capture impossible, and he leaves no sort of ectoplasm behind while traveling through solid objects. While not a high level criminal, the subject has gained infamy among citizens as a cop-slayer. He frequently uses high-caliber weaponry to destroy any opposition, and then uses his powers to escape.


More data is needed so that the individual may be captured and subdued.




Name: Unknown

Alias: Larry


The individual seems to enjoy avoiding our scouts, and so information regarding him is sparse. His facial features have been distorted significantly, appearing to be tentacle-like. He introduces himself as Larry, however it is unknown whether that is actually his name or not. The individual never seems to be quite where readings indicate he is, and so his true location has yet to be discovered.


More information needed to create a full report.


BunniName: Jane Smith

Alias: Bunni

The subject appears to pride herself on her abilities, and is not shy about using them. She proves easy to track due to her exuberance. However, she seems able to manipulate minds in such a way as to convince any pursuants to leave her be, making capture difficult. She is able to stun viewers with her looks alone, and seems to enjoy manipulating other confrontations rather than creating her own.


Capture may be impossible. Perhaps try to contact and deal with her civilly.


Name: Thaddeus Dukes

Alias: The Duke

The subject displays a severe physical form alteration. While the trigger has not yet been ascertained, further testing is difficult due to the risk involved. Size and strength greatly increase whenever triggered, and his muscles become engorged with blood. His capability for destruction is a significant cause of fear among civilians. This makes his case high priority.


Do not approach. Research to contain the subject is currently underway.

prophetName: Jordan Prentos

Alias: The Prophet


The subject’s powers are well broadcast and known. While he claims himself to be given “gifts from god,” it is clear through our research that his powersource is likely the same as every other subject. He is a fan favorite among the populace, and many worship him as a messiah. His powers are the cause of this, as they reflect angelic images and abilities.


Due to his popularity, capture is likely impossible. Try a civil approach when dealing with him.

salamanderName: Andy McCormickson

Alias: Salamander


The subject has undergone extreme physical mutation along with the onset of his powers. His appearance causes great fear in the populace, and so he has secluded himself away from people. Observations of his abilities are easy due to his enlarged form. He seems frequently surrounded by fire that burns even in the presence of water. This fire stems from a chemical origin, however recovered samples have yielded no results on its chemical makeup.


Individual is extremely dangerous. Observe from a distance.