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Name: Reid Hull

Alias: Flash Point


Information on this individual is limited. Readings taken just after his presence indicate some sort of spacial anomaly. The subject seems to be impossibly fast, appearing in locations seemingly impossible for even the fastest person to reach in the same amount of time.  He also displays a strong affinity for firearms, and uses them frequently. News outlets have dubbed him Flash Point, seemingly for his impossible ability to shift locations, and for his impeccable aim.

More information needed to create a full report.


DreamscapeCharacterRevealRealName: Mike Mathews

Alias: Dreamscape

This individual appeared quickly, however information about him is quite limited. While his powers have frequently been observed, and even caught on film, the exact nature of his abilities is unknown. The subject seems able to manipulate his body and objects around him in various ways that currently have no known similarities. Due to his notoriety as a fan favorite, and self-applied name of “Dreamscape,” the subjects powers are thought to be linked to some sort of sleep-state.

More information is needed. Take caution, because of this status as a hero, any negative action toward him may be seen as direct opposition.


Name: Kyle Bonk

Alias: The Toon


This individual has been relatively easy to track down. His distinct look and powers make it easy to follow him. He seems to be able to create objects out of thin air, usually things such as anvils, unicycles, trains, and pianos. However, despite our efforts, capture seems impossible. No matter the intensity of the restraints, the individual seems to be able to escape them. The populace has become quite a fan of his work. Proceed with caution.

More information needed to create a full report.

naniteName: Justin Edge

Alias: Nanite

The subject’s powers seem to be rapidly progressing. When first reported, no outward appearance change was seen, but the following account gave significant physical alteration to his body. Readings indicate a strong electrical presence emanating from the individual, however no specific source has been found. He rarely displays his powers, and as such, all of our information is only from our surveillance.

Proceed with caution. Possible threat level is extremely high.

prismName: Katrina Sparrow

Alias: Prism


The subject’s powers seem to have little consistency, and are therefore difficult to observe. While we have attributed a variety of incidents to her, the exact nature of her powers remains elusive. What we have observed leads us to believe she has some ability to manipulate shadow, however exactly what or how remains a mystery.


More information needed to create a full report.

lacefinalName: Scarlet Reaves (aka Bitty)

Alias: Lacewing


Due to lack of observation on the subject’s powers, little information is known about them. She seems able to adjust her body into a variety of natural shapes, however seems careful to keep her abilities away from cameras, therefore no recordings have been made of her powers. Some data seems to link her back to a number of crime scenes previously chalked up to the “She-Beast,” however evidence is shaky at best.


Capture imminent. Further information will be gained through interrogation.



Name: Allen Orwell

Alias: Human Uplink Biodome (H.U.B.)


The subject is known almost entirely through digital trails that we have linked back to his place of residence. His powers may or may not be technological skill, however the sudden presence of them leads us to believe he acquired newfound knowledge or ability through the same source as all currently known “changed.”


More further information necessary. Contact has already been made.