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Chapter 38 announcement

The new chapter is out. Read it at Page38

Important announcement: Patreon has been hacked. Just to be safe, if you are supporting us or anyone else on Patreon, please change your password. You can read about it here:


Post Senshi-Con is upon us! Thank you to everyone who visited our booth, and everyone who helped us out. We still have a bit of inventory left over, and will be selling it off soon! Enjoy the new comic!

Chapter 37 announcement.

You can read chapter 37 here

Today is the day of the con! We hope to see as many of you as possible.

If you can’t make it, settle for our stream here:

We will be restarting the question of the week next week. We dropped below our funding for a second comic, but we may announce more news on that next week.


Thursday news segment 23: School is in

Sorry for the late news post, it has been a busy week. We are all preparing for senshicon, and getting used to new classes and hours. We’ll keep you updated on how that will effect the comic, if at all.

This weeks stream is not up yet. We will post it when it is ready.

Last weeks question of the week is unanswered, so is the same as this week.

Question of the week: Choose a super power. What is a weakness of this power that writers never seem to bring up.

Posted by Mayhem and Madness on Thursday, August 20, 2015