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Thursday news segment 7: Summer is fun

Life continues here at JAAC. Its been several months since we launched, and the comic is progressing smoothly. We have been more or less consistent with our schedule, and things can only go up from here! Don’t forget that we have forums, and that we welcome any questions you may have.

You can view our previous stream here:

In celebration of Age of Ultron, last weeks question was :What is your favorite Marvel movie that is NOT Age of Ultron, and why?

Our top Best answer was from Reid Hull:

The Thomas Jane Punisher. Sure, it wasn’t the punisher from the comics, and the plot and direction took an awful lot from the original Mad Max, but it was a very enjoyable movie. Thomas Jane did a great job, it was believable for a marvel movie, there were a lot of great moments and characters.


Time for the question of the week. Our favorite answer will go on the front page of our site next Thursday. If you do...

Posted by Mayhem and Madness on Thursday, May 7, 2015