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Thursday news segment 6: Schools out edition

Another semester has passed, and summer is here! Everyone here at JAAC is ready to celebrate. This does not mean we will stop updating… mostly. We will still be having a stream tomorrow.You can view last weeks stream here:

Last weeks question of the week took a more non-fiction turn: Which living animal has the craziest superpower? We had a lot of great answers! The winner this week was from Micki Oliver:Pistol shrimp. The blast reaches the temperature of the sun!” 

This really is crazy! Honorary mention goes to  Sheri Lisenbee  who mentioned a shrimp known as the mantis shrimp. Unfortunately, a falcon punch just can’t beat the power of the sun.

Our news post is about to go up!Time for the question of the week. Our favorite answer will go on the front page of our...

Posted by Mayhem and Madness on Friday, May 1, 2015

(question of the week will continue as usual this week)

Happy end-of semester-everyone!

Editedit: Hey all, Ishy here! Mike’s currently out of town, so he wasn’t able to upload the comic. However, since I’m here and recently free of my massive school load, I decided to upload it myself. 😀 (I’m a little new to this whole website thing. Please let me know if you find any errors with the latest page.)