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Thursday news segment 2

It has not been an overly busy week. This will probably continue over the next few weeks while finals approach. No worries though, we will still output our comics and have the usual stream on schedule.

Speaking of streams, our new one is out:

Last weeks question of the week was “What is a super power that seems useless, but you could put to a good use?”

Our best(and only) reply was actually a joint answer between our artist and our coder.

Kathy Robins: “TREE POWER; no not really.
eh… My forte happens to be the opposite of this question: stupid mundane uses for super-powers. XD”

Mike Miller: “Tree power might be useful if you had to rescue someone from a fire through a window?”

This weeks question is, in spirit of Kathy’s response, What is the most trivial use for any power.

Time for the question of the week. Our favorite answer will go on the front page of our site next Thursday. If you do...

Posted by Mayhem and Madness on Friday, April 3, 2015