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About JAAC

Markocross is the JAAC director and project manager. He is responsible for making sure everyone else has everything they need to finish their work on time. He was the Game Master for the game that originally lead to the creation of the Mayhem and Madness webcomic. Mark is a college student seeking his degree in… something or other. He has also acted in a number of theatre performances including Barnum, Christmas Belles, and Fiddler on the Roof. He has also GMed for dozens of games: D&D Pathfinder, D&D 4th ed., DnD 5th ed., Mutants and Masterminds, Pokemon, Firefly.



SapphyAvatarBlackSapphire is the artist for JAAC and their first project, Mayhem and Madness. She was one of the players in the game that inspired Mayhem and Madness and started doodling all of the characters in her spare time (and even in class a bit…) before the comic was even a concept. She is also an Art Major in college and a site artist over on Her orange tabby, Apples, often attempts to help her with her art endeavors but only really gets in the way. She eats more sugar than should be humanly possible, wants a pet zergling, and likes cute fluffy things.